Live and Die with Films

Live and Die with Films
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Life felt mundane until I discovered the magic of cinema - a portal to dreams and endless possibilities.


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(1-min read) I want to share what I learned recently

🎬 😥 In the face of severe financial struggles, I came close to giving up on my dream of becoming a film director.

🤳 I chose the challenging route of becoming an independent filmmaker and content creator.

❤️ I am grateful for the exceptional vision I was born with and the unwavering support from my loved ones. As an artist, my determination drives me forward.

📚 Still, I acknowledge the necessity of broadening my understanding of the industry's business side. Recognizing the significance of timing is vital for personal growth.

🥊 It's essential never to give up and let anyone dictate your limitations.

✉️ My message to the world is clear: Films should be accessible to everyone, empowering individuals to share their stories without restrictions on format or concept.

😁 Let's join forces to turn this vision into reality.

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